Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Will tragedy strike our intrepid hero?

Rumors afoot about changes with the contract. Headhunters are out. A decision has to be made by May.

So naturally I'm freaking out. I may wind up working for someone else on this job or I may have to go with plan B which pays less but still pays.

Welcome to the wild wooly world of contracting.


Dave said...

If you want to make a little extra coin, you can always moonlight with me as a casino dealer for Pedestal Events. I haven't done one in ages but I'm thinking of picking up a job soon. They're a ton of fun.

Nick said...

Might be a good idea. I won't get beat up like that security guard in Vegas right?

Dave said...

No, not at all. Plus, it's fun to draw the events where the wives all try to out-whore each other with their outfits. Even more fun when there's an open bar involved. Getting paid then is a bonus.