Saturday, April 15, 2006

Plan for the weekend...

Alrighty, second real post. This weekend is of course EASTER! Which means that The Ten Commandments will be on TV. Nothing more fun that watching Chuck Heston and Yul Brenner play off one another. They do another good job in "The Buccaneer" with Brenner as Jean Laffite and Chuck as General Andrew Jackson. When is that coming out on DVD?

Anyway, tomorrow is take the car to get its oil changed, go to breakfast with the fam, thence to hopefully pick up said car and run errands as necessary.

Tomorrow night, hopefully some more time to log with "The British War Collection" DVD set I got from So far I've watched "The Cruel Sea" which is a damn fine movie! and "The Dam Busters" that I remember from a long time ago when old movies were on broadcast TV on weekends and you didn't have to pay for TCM to get them.

Sunday is Easter dinners; one here, one at Grandma's. Then hopefully a new Family Guy and then to bed. Sometime during this weekend I've also got some work to do for my volunteer job, but more on that as things coalesce.

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