Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Remember that scene...

in Raiders of the Lost Ark?

The part where Indy has the idol in his hands has jumped the chasm walked past an impaled Alfred Molina (pre Doc Ock) and is almost home free. And he sees that boulder coming down the ram towards him?

Just got the word on the contract...the boulder is coming. Now will new uber company want to hire me on?
I haven't heard. But I have an interview with my old boss who works somewhere else now on Friday.

This is why I have this rule about jobs; "Don't burn the bridge, you never know when you'll have to use it again."

Surprisingly my supervisor/co-worker is taking this worse than I. She's worried about the rest of us, I'm rather sang-froid about it. We're the modern equivalent of bureaucratic privateers. Our services go to the highest bidder stability is not a given. Also this situation going to crap is NOTHING compared to what happened to me from 1999-2000, or as I like to call it "My crappiest 18 months." As they say, the best laid plans of mice and men...

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