Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jim, so help me, I'm starting to think I can cure a rainy day!

My enduring respect (and a prize if I'm feeling generous) if you can ID the fictional character who said the title.

Well, good news. New contractor wants to keep staff the same. Rep from said co said, "It's not broke. I don't want to or need to fix it."

Sweet. However, I implemented the evac plan now for what appears to be a false alarm. Not good. But the above was not in writing so I may yet need to evac.

Still, I have a job. Always good. Other folks I know do not or will not. :(

Now for some of my choice topics of discussion:
1. GASOLINE. Ok, that's it. We're gonna have to declare war on...hmmm...George who do we hit that can fix this? China? Then we lose all of our cheap imported goods. England? Nah, they pay $5 a litre. They're hurtin worse than us. Germany? Same deal as England. Venezuela? Not so much. Citgo is Venezuelan. Anytime you buy Citgo gas the profits go to Hugo Chavez. Remember that Red Staters, also Citgo sponsors a NASCAR team. Where's Homeland Security when you need it? Hmmmmmm?
Russia? Nope, they're cool with selling gas and not being a member of OPEC. We might want to get real buddy buddy with them.

Wait...I know...


Their economy is gonna implode anyway, thanks to some short sighted students and some stubborn commies. People get used to getting fired because you're all gonna get your asses laid off in 20 years. Then Germany will buy your bankrupt country and say...Damn! We tried this the hard way THREE TIMES!!! and all we had to do was wait for you to do yourselves in. Danke Schoen. (In case you didn't notice, not a big fan of France. Bigger army than the Nazis in WW2...lasted a week against them in land combat. So much for a steadfast ally. So we bail their ass out with the ever reliable Brits. (motto: "C'mon, just TRY and invade us you little goose stepping twit.") And after we save their pitiful conquered butts they decide to horn in on the win. Puh-leeze. There's a reason why FDR called them "damn frogs."

Seriously, about the hybrid. It's only gonna get worse. Or at least buy oil company stock to get some of your money back.

2. Trying to rob David Copperfield...magician not the Dickensian hero.
Four rocket scientists from FL tried to rob David Copperfield.
Ok, read the story and say it with me. Bad idea guys.
First who doesn't know who David Copperfield is?
Second who tries to rob a magician in the first place? Seriously. I'd like to know.

3. Tony Snow: New White House flack.
Ummm, he worked for Fox News before this. He really isn't changing jobs here people. He just doesn't have to work in the same building with Steve Doocy anymore.

4. Brett Favre decides to stay with Green Bay one more year.
YEAH! I admit it I am a Packer fan. And Brett Favre is fun to watch when he's not throwing into triple coverage. Let's get this guy a line and some healthy receivers and give him a decent year to head off into the sunset on. He deserves it. Better yet...have everyone in the NFL make a secret pact to let Green Bay into the playoffs. Just lay off enough that they make a wild card or eke out a division championship and play his last game at Lambeau. I'd get Veklempt. I'm getting Veklempt now. Someone channel Vince Lombardi and make this happen!!!

5. Wait Wait! Don't Tell Me! is coming to DC next week. Lisner Auditorium at GWU. Tickets are...get this...$60 a pop! $60!!! $60!!! People! WTF? $60?!?!?! I'll need that for gas!

6. Reading: I just finished To Dare and To Conquer

Not a bad book. Had some interesting tidbits about special forces throughout history and just what makes a special force special. Mainly the people and the objectives. Worth reading, especially as we will be using them in the war on terror a lot.

Currently I'm reading Team of Rivals So far it's very good.

Well it's late. I'm going to end this post. Perhaps there will be more on the morrow.


Wacky Neighbor said...

I'm pretty sure the title of this post comes from Dr. "Bones" McCoy from Star Trek.

Gas - Blah. Ugh. Arrgh. I want to protest and hold up a sign that says on the front:


and on the back it says:


In all the talk about reasons that oil and gas prices are high (Iran, Venezuela, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, ethanol, SUVs, emerging economies in China and India, OPEC, the commodities market, possible gouging, Lee Raymond's sweet retirement package) isn't odd that no one has said anything about Iraq? Do we have any idea how much Iraq is producing or how much they could produce?

Nick said...

You sir are correct! It's what Bones says after he saves the Horta by using concrete to heal its phaser wounds.

Hmmm, Iraq indeed. Curious nobody in the administration is saying, "Ok, election year, time to pillage their oil."

I always liked the moment of irony I enjoyed on the Baltimore Beltway one day. I was passed by an SUV, nothing new until I saw the bumper sticker: "No Blood for Oil."