Friday, April 14, 2006

Oh to be Donald Rumsfeld...

I figured for my first post I'd go with something topical...What on earth does Donald Rumsfeld have on the President? Seriously, the guy was hired to run a Missile Defense oriented Department of Defense, and that's why Meyers was chosen as Chairman of the JCS, that was going to be the signature program. Then 9/11 hits and we've got all these BMD people who are going to be running the show and all of a sudden the primary mission becomes counter-terrorism Special Operations. So now Meyers is gone, a Marine is Chairman of the JCS (OO-RAH!) and we're bogged down in two middle eastern countries and looking warily at a third who's saying, "We're getting the bomb! Rock on!" He's got former subordinates saying he should go, he's got Abu Graib and I'm still waiting on this Exit Strategy that is past due!!! So Rummy, if you're not gonna resign or get yourself fired, at least publish the evidence you got on W when you retire.

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