Thursday, June 01, 2006


Is that a real word, or is it like "Strategery?"

Anyhow random things on my mind:

My supervisor/co-worker's last day is tomorrow. We are going out to a sit down lunch. Hopefully it won't be pouring as we will be walking. I'm happy for her but a bit disappointed. The contract went into flux and now I don't know what the hell I'm getting into. I only know that some time in the future my paychecks will be from Lockheed Martin.

Saturday I'm going on a research jaunt to the Maryland Historical Society

I'm going to New York Monday! Huzzah! First big train trip since Chicago in 2004. Hopefully the Northeast Corridor will NOT lose power. is my favorite shot from my pictures of Chicago:

Yes that baseball is in flight. Took me 10 shots go get that.

So Saturday will be spent making many copies of the papers of one Ross Winans. Look him up on Google. Said copies will be going with me to New York and I'll work with them on the train. Hopefully being able to write during the three and a half hours up and back. But I'll probably spend a lot of my time looking out the window.

Also I've put a profile on an internet personals site. Is this desperation or merely adapting to the new social impact of the internet? I think that if it works I'm adapting if it fails it's desperation.

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