Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Post Holiday Weekend blogging...

Ah, another Memorial Day weekend come and gone.
No more war movie marathons or anything close to it until July 4th or November 11th.
Grilling is now the order of the season.
The Cubs have already imploded.

Yes, if you look at my profile you will see that I am a fan of The Chicago Cubs.
You may ask, "Why is someone from Maryland who has NEVER lived in Illinois or the greater Chicagoland area a Cubs fan?"

I will answer you this: Expectations and Emotional Investment.

Why the Cubs? Because if they suck it's expected. And they just keep coming back, like Charlie Brown kicking the football they just don't know when to pack up and go home. I like that.

I invest a lot of emotion into my teams. Yelling at TV's, radios, etc. I wear my sports heart on my sleeve when I can get away with being an obnoxious loud annoying fan. (usually home alone or in a car.) So if you are familiar with the now regular fall of the O's every season, the beginnings of futility with the Nats AND the lean years of the Washington Redskins, you can understand that I needed a team to root for that would not help give me a stroke. Ergo I have picked the Cubs. I can sit back and enjoy the game. It's nice.

That and Wrigley Field is a great place to go see a game. I have been there, I want to go back. The fans, the real pipe organ, the drunken idiots in the bleachers...ah Chicago how I miss thee!

So what else is going on...
Had the BBQ, that went well. Go to NYC for an EPA Records Conference thing next week, that should be nice.

And work is work. Though I do have a research trip planned this weekend so that should be fun.


Dave said...

Plus, only the Cubs can have their late, great announcer get reincarnated as a bank robber.

Nick said...

Oh my God, that's too funny. Somebody call Will Farrell, we need to do a Harray Caray in Prison skit.

"Hey norm, if you dropped your soap..."