Monday, June 12, 2006

News from the world.

Good: I got into Drexel's Internet based MLS degree program!

Bad: A family member has cancer.

Meh: Ben Rothlesberger got into a nasty wreck today. The Brilliant Quarterback of the Steelers wasn't wearing a helmet. He has a broken nose, jaw and a multitude of other injuries. I know it's crass and hugely awful karma, but the Steelers may as well start thinking up some good promotions. They ain't going back to the big dance this year. Thanks Ben! I'm sure the Browns, Bengals and Ravens are gonna send you some nice cards and flowers, you single handedly improved their playoff chances 25%.

Stuff I really don't care about but post for comments: USA lost it's world cup match to the Czech Republic. YAWN. Who's playing baseball on ESPN tonight?

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