Monday, June 26, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away-Holy Crap! It's Larry King!

A wet and rainy weekend has been enjoyed by all.
Friday night was Nats at O's with various members of the UMBC Quiz Bowl Mafia. I'd call it UMBC Gang, but there have been some marriages into the "family" since we all became friends (just like how Carlo started working for the Corleones once he married Connie.)

So it rained this weekend, but not during Friday's game, or during Sunday's game. I had done the leg-work to get tickets for those who wished to attend Friday which the O's won. Then Sunday my younger brother Ben got me into his company's luxury suite. There was an extra ticket so I invited Kim. And lo and behold who was sitting next to us?

He's the guy standing up in the multi-colored shirt. Kim took the photo. WTG Kim with the camera phone when we needed it!
I also geeked out and called The Wacky Neighbor.

It continues to rain. Much gnashing of teeth during the drive home tonight. Roads flooding...not a good thing.

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