Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Goodbye Aunt Dale...

Today was my Aunt Dale's (Dad's brother's wife) funeral. She had fought stage 4 stomach cancer long enough to see her children graduate high school, one to get through college, and get engaged. Her second child is well on his way to being a fine adult once he finishes his last year at college.

This has been rough for us. Aunt Dale was a triathlete and the healthiest of us all. How she of all people could have gotten stomach cancer surprised us greatly. I think many of us are struggling with the "Why her?" question.

Her 6 year old great nephew had a great response. He was talking to his grandfather (Dale's sister's husband) about why Aunt Dale is sick and said, "God must have a job for her."

And now as I've been mulling over that sentence and Aunt Dale's life, I think the kid is right.

Still, we all miss you Aunt Dale.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, Nick. We missed you Sunday.

Nick said...

Thanks Kim, I missed you guys too. But I spent some quality time with my lady friend.