Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Soooo Full.....

Well another Christmas has come and gone. This was one of the merrier one's I've had personally in the past two years, mainly because I got to spend part of it with someone great. I also got to correct one of the great cultural oversights in her life, not having seen Star Wars.

It's ok everyone, BREATHE! We've got the situation under control. She now owns the original trilogy. I haven't gotten her the new ones. It's ok.

As for me, I got pretty much everything I asked for. And what I didn't get, I've just ordered on Amazon.com.

Also, I highly recommend this past weekend's "This American Life." Especially the last story about the immaculate conception as told from a very confused and stressed out Joseph.


Mary said...

:theological nitpick begins here: Not the Immaculate Conception. Just the virgin birth. These are 2 different things. Only Catholics subscribe to the IC teaching; virgin birth goes along with Protestant theology as well. :end theological nitpick:

Nick said...

Well, this is Joseph talking about Mary being pregnant by God. It could go either way.

Mary said...

no, it can't--I've heard the piece. Immaculate Conception is a specifically Catholic teaching referring to Mary's conception not Jesus's. See here.
It's a common mistake to confuse Immaculate Conception with the virgin birth, but they are two different points of theology. I told you it was a nitpick. :)