Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Holy Smokes...

We had two snow squalls run through the Frederick County area tonight. It took me three times the normal time to get home. No state of MD salt trucks or snow plows were visible, several Frederick County salt trucks were around the roads. It was a mess.
What's crazier, I took the train home and all through Montgomery County, MD...Nothing!
Snow on the grass, sidewalks, lots. Nothing on the shoulders or surfaces of the roads.

Near the entrance to the development, there are 5 cars abandoned at the bottom of a hill on the side of the road.

It's crazy! I hope everyone is better prepared for Thursday's predicted snowfall. Kudos to Frederick County though for apparently reacting faster than the State, who I guess were being sent onto the interstates first.


Dave said...

Yes, those squalls were nasty. I was in Frederick at the time, and remember the roads glazing up like a Krispy Kreme. By the time I left for home most roads except for community roads were fine. But the damage had been done... MedEvac call to a dual-car crash on I-270 which caused an estimated 20-mile (!) backup since I-270 had to be closed for the MedEvac to land and such. Fun fun fun.

Nick said...

Glazing up like a Krispy Kreme, I'm gonna have to steal that.

Yeah, it was a debacle. And now tonight's snow is getting pushed back. However it is snowing in Richmond right now.