Sunday, January 14, 2007

Colts 15 - Ravens 6

I'm really disappointed in the Ravens. They didn't let Peyton Manning score a touchdown the entire game and they still lost.

Major failures:
Ravens O-Line was getting mauled by the Colts. They just couldn't push them back.
Steve McNair making several questionable throws. Two of which ended up in interceptions
Ravens not running Lewis 30 times. Even if he doesn't get yardage, it keeps the Colts thinking.

The defense did it's job. No touchdowns and two takeaways. I don't think they should feel bad about their part in this game. They fought like hell. But Steve McNair or someone from the offense needed to get angry and fire up the team. I just saw him sitting on the bench calmly watching the game. Steve, dude...WTF?

Well, today it's DAAA BEARS vs the Seattle Seahawks at Chicago. Then the Patriots at San Diego.
My prediction, Bears 200, Seattle -4. Patriots beat San Diego by 3 in a low scoring affair.

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