Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What I'm reading...

Yes, it's not what I'm watching or what I'm listening to, but what I'm reading.

Johnny U: The Life and Times of John Unitas by Tom Callahan

I got this for Christmas, I've gotten veklempt for the old days of the NFL twice. This has been an excellent read.

The Men Who Loved Trains: The Story of Men Who Battled Greed to Save an Ailing Industry by Rush Loving, Jr.

I got this for me, it was on my Christmas list but nobody bought it. This is the story of the death and rebirth of the American Railroad Industry. So far, pretty good. It's a book about business and economics and the personalities involved. I'm enjoying it...especially since it's about the death my railroad's (The B&O Railroad) arch-rival, The Pennsylvania Railroad. HA-HA! Take that Simon Cameron!

Flags of Our Fathers by James Bradley and Ron Powers

I got this as a Christmas present from my girlfriend. We went to see this movie as our first date. (Yeah, real romantic, storming Iwo Jima and the aftermath of being used for selling bonds.) You have to understand we're two history majors. She has an ancestor who fought there and I specialized some in military history. So far this has been an excellent book. I haven't gotten to the real rough spots, like what really happened to Iggy Ignatowski, but I've gotten a bit veklempt reading through this too.


Anonymous said...

You've moved on. Good for you.

Kim said...

"The Man Who Loved Trains: The Nick Fry Story"

Damn, that was the title of the biography that I am writing about you and someone stole it!! Now I'm going to have to think of a new title.

How about "Train Man"
"Singing on the Train"
"Purple Train"
"November Train"

Nick said...

A Trivial Pursuit: The Life of Nick Fry

Nick said...

Also consider:

Runaway Train

Off the Tracks


The Flat Spot on the Wheels

Please Do Not Flush while Train is at Station