Saturday, August 05, 2006

Can you hear that?

It's someone's knees getting blown out.
Yeah baby!
Scrimmage with the Skins and Ravens AND the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio.

Oh this brings joy to my heart. Football, fall, cooler weather and the inevitable monday night football games that run past midnight. All just weeks away. Weeks I tell you! I just love this time of the year. College ball, pro ball, playoffs...high school games that empty the streets and fill the stands of small towns across america. Yes, the nearest town is home to a damn fine high school football team and Friday nights will be under the lights.
I love it. A DAY! A DAY of pro sports on TV. Real sports not Indy Racing or Tennis or Golf or Soccer. (Yeah, that's right, Soccer sucks! I can't get into it, I don't have the patience for it and god dammit I hate ties.) No siree...American Football 12 plus hours of good times in front of the TV or a good three at a game.

Truly this is a golden age.

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