Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend of Trains and Travel

So...I've been on quite a trip.

Friday I took off work and got up at the normal time of 6am.
I was met by a fellow B&O Railroad fan and historical society member at 7:30 and together we embarked on a trip to Willard, OH by way of Altoona, Horseshoe Curve and Gallitzin, PA.

While it was a 9 hour trip to Willard, it was a good trip. First, Horshoe Curve ROCKS! Plenty of trains and a very scenic spot. It's a park with a funicular up to the viewing area, museum, gift shop and bathrooms that well...there are no flush toilets. It looks like a real bathroom, but it just goes down to a septic system below the building. If you drop your keys...they are so gone man. Second, Gallitzin, PA has a nice train viewing park near the Gallitizin tunnels. Very impressive to see a train roar out from a mountainside.

Willard was the site of the 2006 B&O Railroad Historical Society Ohio Mini-Con. Good times. I enjoyed myself and there are plenty of trains in Willard as well. So, I was trained out. It took 7 hours to get home, a more direct route thankfully. We had good weather for the entire trip so that was a major plus.

So now back to the drudgery of work until this weekend when I have to venture once more into the mountains on a mission to Wheeling, WV.


Dave said...

"So, I was trained out."

I wasn't aware this was possible...

Nick said...

Indeed it is. I've found my train saturation train every 12 minutes.