Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Got some bad news late last night, Louis Rukeyser has passed away.

If you're not familiar with Mr. Rukeyser, well he had a pretty good show on PBS called Wall Street Week that was produced out of MD Public Television in Owings Mills, MD. It's near where I used to work.
(good people, I still have my investments with them.) People would call and say, "Do you see Mr. Rukeyser in town?" These also tended to be people who were fun to work with on the phone, they knew their stuff and asked good questions and they generally had a good attitude about the market.

He was a smart guy who didn't scream or yell (though Jim Cramer does have his good points). But he was witty. For me wit and clever use of language go a long way.

Anyway he got royally screwed over when MPT put a new guy in charge who said "Hey let's go commercial and partner with Money Magazine." Lou said no, in fact he said, "HELL NO!" The bosses at MPT said, "Lou even though you made this show, we're going to screw with it." That's when Lou decided it was time to leave, so he told everyone. In fact he did it on his show, first verbally skewering his boss and then saying, "take this job and shove it," on TV. Then he went to cable with his show, his old boss got fired because of how he turned MPT into crap and then Lou retired because he got sick.

Lou, I'll miss ya!


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