Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rush hour...

NASA Kennedy Space Center Style!
(click on images for larger views)

Of course, it's also nice to get the last parking space.

(Note: Look at the lower left corner for the crawler on its way back to the crawler parking area.)

Click here for more information about the upcoming Shuttle Mission

NOTE-9/24/08: Some of you may be curious as to WHY there are two shuttles on the pad. Well, Atlantis is being prepped for STS-125. The second, Endeavour, is the rescue shuttle. Since the loss of Columbia NASA now has a shuttle READY TO GO as a rescue ship in case the shuttle on the primary mission is damaged and cannot safely return its crew to Earth. After Atlantis makes its safe return, Endeavor will undergo final preparations for its November launch to the International Space Station to perform crew rotation with the existing Expedition 18 members, deliver supplies and perform repairs on the solar arrays.

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