Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Worst Episode Ever...

Excuse me, but can I lame yesterday?

First: Got called in to take notes at a meeting on VERY short notice
Second: Found out my Spamalot tickets had been stolen before they could be delivered to me.
Third: Got called to a meeting for more note taking and informed that there will be more meetings from 4 to 4:30pm every day
Fourth: The computer system I work on the RefDesk for still is having trouble.
Fifth: Had to work late, missed two trains. Made the last one out of DC.
Sixth: George Mason lost. I had hoped they'd get another chance to be Cinderella, if for nothing else than to give Billy Packer a big F-U.


Kim said...

Whaaa? What happened to your spamalot tix?

Nick said...

My Spamalot tix were a Christmas present from my kid brother. He got them via his friend, who is a girl, who works at TRowe. The tix were in her purse and stolen this past weekend before she had a chance to get them to Ben.

Kim said...

Well, I'm glad that they weren't stolen from you... I guess... That does suck though.