Sunday, February 11, 2007

(Insert theme from...)

Oh, let's say Airport...


Because we are all gonna die. That's right everyone, there's a Significant Winter Storm approaching us.

Yes, time for the local TV stations to gear up for their usual hype-fest that is a snowstorm in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area. If you can watch Washington-Baltimore local news I can guarantee the following:

The will be hyping the storm now. (Sunday) Two days before we are expected to deal with it.

There will be one reporter at a salt dome. The shot will be set up so they have highway trucks getting loaded up with salt/sand mixtures behind them. Very dramatic.

There will be at least one reporter at a supermarket.

There will be one reporter at a home supply/hardware store.

There will be a reporter out in the snow talking to people who are out.

There will be footage of cars off the road or wheels spinning.

There will be at least 1 segment with a meteorologist on a "weather terrace" or outside in the elements.

Kim added a good one I forgot: Someone with a ruler outside or one of the field reporters using a ruler for their segment. Thanks Kim!

Hunker down everyone and remember my favorite movies for a snowstorm: Airport, Ice Station Zebra and The Empire Strikes Back

Note: That's the ORIGINAL Airport not the 75, 77 or 79 versions. While Charlton Heston is fun to watch, it's just not the same as Dean Martin as a pilot...seriously people...DEAN MARTIN!!! Accept no substitutes.


Kim said...

You forgot the guy outside with the ruler.

Abby said...

This is why I get my weather from and avoid the local news like the plague.

sluggyjunx said...

Don't forget Topper Shutt with his ridiculous "Bread-o-Meter" (a modified yardstick)... EVERYBODY PANIC!

Nick said...

It's interesting all three major DC TV forecasters have wildly divergent snowfall amounts for the area.

This will be a wild day. Especially since I'm here at work today and have to get home still.

Kim said...

I'm staring out at about 3 inches in Carroll County.

Nick said...

When I left this morning there was a dusting on the ground with light to moderate snow falling. Currently we now have a dusting on the grassy areas in Crystal City. I have not checked in at home as to what the current snowfall totals are.

Nick said...

Abby, good for you! I also use Rock on NWS!