Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ice Station Zebra...

Well, no snow, but ice on the 13th and 14th. 5 inches of sleet at the house. That's right, SLEET. I didn't go into work yesterday but cleaned off the driveway and my car. That was an experience. It's cold and windy today.

The government shut down at 2pm in the DC Area Tuesday, which was great, except that the MARC trains west didn't begin to travel in any frequency until 3:35pm. I tried to get out early to make the 1:45pm train, but missed it. So I had to cool my jets at Union Station in Washington, DC. I caught the 3:35 though, along with a ton of other people. It was standing room only all the way to Germantown. We left 40 people on the platform at Rockville, MD who wanted to board but we had no more room.

Nevertheless, I got home, got comfy and waited for the storm to begin.

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