Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The bluest skies I've ever seen are in Seattle.

Cause they sure aren't here. Yet ANOTHER day of rain/thunderstorms. Anybody around here starting to build an ark? Seriously, if you live in DC Metro area and you are building an Ark, please let me know.

Add to this:
Frustration at work with incompetence from other contractors. Employer change may be accelerated. And just the general drudgery of having to work after a national holiday for three more days and well...I'm maybe at Defcon 4 for a Philadelphia Meltdown.

For those of you who are not acquaintances and/or do not know of the infamous Philadelphia Meltdown here is the brief story. Quiz Bowl tournament in Philly. Things were going very poorly for the two UMBC teams. One team wanted to leave early and take transportation for 5 people with them. 4 of us wanted to stick it out. The back and forth got too much for me and I yelled a sentence accented with the F--- word. The Wacky Neighbor still thinks it was great. It vocalized everyone's frustration with that tournament. However I'm now a bit embarrassed by it. However after a really horrible day or a bad drive, I will stay in my car and just yell that word out once to get all of the hostility out of my system. It's actually rather spiritually cleansing.

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Wacky Neighbor said...

It was a seminal moment. I was going to compare this to Lost, but since there are so many awaiting the Season 2 DVD, I'll hold off on it.