Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Today is the last day at DPRA and tomorrow is the first with the new uber contractor. I've just wrapped up my exit interview and am waiting for a conference call to start. It's thrilling.
Still, I'm sad to leave DPRA. It's a nice little company. I would have like to have hung out here for two years to get my MLS and then go on to bigger and better things. Oh, speaking of my MLS I found out how much it's going to cost for 2006-2007. This will be 6 credits a quarter for four quarters. It's all on-line via Drexel University. Any guesses? You can guess per credit hour and cumulative cost for the year. When someone gets within $500 per year I'll close the contest.


Sabrina said...

$800 per credit hour.

Cumulative cost for the year: $19,545 including fees, not including books.

Nick said...

Yes to both. Did you look it up?

Sabrina said...

Of course I did... I am a librarian, remember?

So what did I win? A cookie?

Mary said...

bleh. I was having some fun guesstimating, based on what I know about college tuition trends. Which is a lot more now than it was about 2 years ago, as you can imagine. I think I would have gotten within the $500 cumulative.