Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Off the Grid is Off the Hoof!

My last day until the 8th connected to the internets.
I know I'm going to go through WWW withdrawl. I'll need some way to check my mail, check the blogs, etc. I'm giving it up for the next 5 days.
So, just a heads up, you can ignore the blog until the 8th when I'll be over-trained and full of digital photos.

On that note here are some random thoughts, I call it "My Moment of Larry King."

The Chicago Bears are going all the way this year.

There's nothing better than a good Italian restaurant.

Cary Grant and Gregory Peck are two actors who really deserve an Oscar.

What's Mike Ditka up to these days?

Dusty Baker will be the next manager of the Washington Nationals, you can bet money on it.

Joe Gibbs smiled and laughed like the old days at his Monday press conference, the only thing missing was Jack Kent Cooke beside him.

Bush Administration officials need to get parking spots reserved at Capitol Hill now since they will be testifying before Congressional Inquiries for the next two years.

If the Wizards can figure out Miami, they're gonna make it to the NBA Eastern Conference Finals.

I haven't had a good pecan turtle in a while.

See you all Sunday! Go Redskins!

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