Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Last dispatch from Huntsville...

Well, this is our last night in Huntsville. We fly out at 3pm tomorrow and hopefully will miss the line of storms that is supposedly coming our way.

This has been a great trip, we've met some great folks at the center here and it's nice to put names to faces. I've also had a chance to check out some historic buildings and walk in the steps of Werner Von Braun.

Also we've enjoyed some great food. Here's our dining locations for this trip:

Day 1: Dreamland BBQ. A chain restaurant but very good BBQ.

Day 2: Rosie's Cantina. Great Mexican food.

Day 3: The Greenbrier. A local place west of Huntsville. Worth the 12 mile drive for the hand breaded catfish and the hush puppies.

So that's it. Hopefully it will all be ok tomorrow.

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