Monday, April 28, 2008

The O in B&O...

This weekend is the big spring trip to Ohio, the O in B&O Railroad. However the original O was for the Ohio River not the state of Ohio, but still it works for me as a nice little title for a blog post.

Anyways, I've had a rather productive weekend. Got some backlogged projects almost done for the Historical Society, just have to move those out to the printers and pressers (some are CD-ROMs.) I got my homework done for my class. I'll have to ramp up early this week to get stuff done before I go on the road and then I'll have to do my homework from a hotel room next week as I'll be in Alabama doing a center visit for work.

Unfortunately I screwed up with my travel reading and read my Werner Von Braun book during my trip to Stennis Space Center and therefore I don't have it available for this visit. I try to pick books that are appropriate for where I'm going. The next book that would have been good was Glatthar's "Lee's Army from Victory to Defeat" which I'm almost done with and is a great book. So, I'm down to my third string books for this trip. ARGH! I'm gonna have to hit Borders this week and browse to find something new.

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