Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bye Joe...

Washington, DC was a buzz yesterday, not about the NH Primary, but the second retirement of Joe Gibbs. If there's on thing that surpasses politics in that town, it's the Washington Redskins.

Personally, I think Coach Gibbs deserves a lot of credit for getting the team together after Sean Taylor's death. And they did make the playoffs this year. So I think this was a really successful but bittersweet year for the team given all that has happened.

That said, Sean Taylor's murder was probably one of the reasons Coach Gibbs decided to walk, that and his 3 year old grandson who has leukemia. After all of that happening, I can see where he said that there's more important stuff than football that he needs to take care of.

So, I personally wish him and his family good luck.

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